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Open the door of the historic past to 1840, when the county of Antrim was established. Fifteen
square miles of the county was to become Lakes of the North country. But first, the drama of
Michigan’s exciting timber era played its role when the logging business developed in the mid
1800’s and the “Timber Barron” was created. Most notably was David Ward, who worked his
way up from a land surveyor to a millionaire timber king. He owned and worked most of what
is now Lakes of the North. During the peak of Ward’s dynasty, the “Resorting” industry appeared
creating charming alternatives to the summer heat of Chicago and Detroit, with clean air,
a pleasant climate, and fishing and boating on cool, blue lakes.
By 1912, the logging industry ended when great fires swept across much of the northern half of
the Lower Peninsula. Gone were the sawmills and huge herds of game, but the people stayed
and rebuilt. Extreme care was taken to replenish and protect the natural beauty that is prime
recreation area today.
Lakes of the North remained part of the Ward holdings until, in the mid-1960’s, the 9,350 acres
of land was purchased by American Central Corporation, then developed and subdivided into
nineteen recorded plats of 8,028 lots, with approximately 3,000 acres designated as common
grounds for the use and enjoyment of its association members. Sales of the nearly 1-acre
parcels began in 1968. Development included 9 recreational facilities (a 9-hole golf course and
pro shop, riding stables, clubhouse with an indoor swimming pool, 2 beach houses, a winter
sports facility, a campground and an airport). In 1972, Lakes of the North was incorporated to
become one of the first Property Owner Associations in Michigan. Through the years all 8,028
lots, covering over 110 miles of roads, were sold. 

In the mid-to-late 1980’s further development included an additional 9-holes to the golf course,
the Settings Restaurant, and the large assembly room and kitchen at the original Clubhouse.
Property development of Lakes of the North lots has steadily flourished, with new home construction
expected to continue. As of July of 2018, there is a total of over 1,100 homes standing
within Lakes of the North.